We encourage a desire to pursue life-long learning and to demonstrate innovative practical skills. Our students seek to surpass their own limits and turn their dreams into realities.

Student-centred structure with 4 Houses
AS/AL :CAIE result comparison with World Average

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Address: Taiyanggong North Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Post Code: 100028

Centre Director: Ms. Feifei (Judy) ZHENG,zhengfeifei@rdfzcygj.cn?(+86)-10-84296333

College Counselors

Mr. Yichen (Thomas) Wang, Head of Counseling Office,wangyichen@rdfzcygj.cn

Ms. Xin (Cindy) Yang, College Counselor,yangxin@rdfzcygj.cn

Mr. Bill Russo, College Counselor,brusso@rdfzcygj.cn

Tel: (+86)-10-84296335/6

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